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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you remove electrical items?

A. Yes. We will clear your office of all items including IT equipment, white goods such as staff fridges, printers, telephones and AV equipment. We’ll even remove your kettle.

Q. Do you collect hazardous waste?

A. Yes we do. We use a specialist hazardous waste contractor to dispose of your rubbish and toxic items legally and safely.

Q. Can you help with employee resale?

A. Yes. With our knowledge of asset valuation, we are able to advise you on prices for resale to your employees.

Q. Do you do multi-site clearances?

A. Yes, we specialise in large, multi-sited clearances over many floors. No office clearance is too big.

Q. Do you only do large office clearances?

A. No. We will clear any size of office as long as it’s cost effective for our client - you.

Q. What is your recycling policy?

We aim to have 0% of items go to landfill. We do this through re-selling or re-using items we collect. Items that go to recycling - including electricals - are recycled in accordance with with UK and EU regulations. We use a specialised WEEE-registered contractor to dispose of unusable IT equipment, electrical appliances, hazardous waste and confidential papers.

Q. What areas do you cover?

A. Most of our work is in and around Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, London and southern England. However, we are also able to offer UK-wide office clearance if required.

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  • Sustainability

    Our aim is to send 0% of the furniture we clear to landfill by finding them new homes and by giving them a second-life.


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